Come play with Bali Swingers

The team here at Swing Bali is proud to announce the first ever swingers weekend getaway in Bali specifically designed to create an unforgettable swingers lifestyle experience for swinging couples. Our hosts look forward to you being a part of Swing Bali this year.


Bali is a popular destination for couples and boasts as an affordable, tropical location rich in culture. In collaboration with RedHotPie Asia, the sexiest swingers dating site for couples and singles, we are about to take you on a journey of fun & lust and most of all the 6 star qualities and service not usually known to be the focus of a traditional Bali getaway. We also work closely with Swingers Asia, one of the best swingers sites in Asia .

From your arrival at the airport till you board the plane back to your destination, you will be treated to the most luxurious and decadent experience you will ever encounter.

Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be met by our representative who will help you through customs and have a luxury transport waiting to take you to the 6-Star resort where our friendly Swing Bali hosts will be there to make you feel comfortable and help assist you in settling in your villa and kicking off the journey!

Our welcoming Cocktail Party will offer you the opportunity to meet and mingle with all the other sexy couples that will be a part of this memorable erotic adventure.

Swing Bali has brought together some of the world’s most successful and influential Bali swingers event organisers to host the most seductive and erotic themed swingers parties in Bali. And that’s not all… Each of the sexy theme parties is followed by a wild after party held at the central Swing Bali resort mansion.

Join us during the day at the Central Mansion for the naked pool parties as our sexy swing bali hosts help you mingle and play with our other guests from all over the world in a relaxed fun atmosphere.

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